Dun dun…dun dun…

It’s that time of the year. That time people are venturing out into the water, and the irrational lizard brain that lurks in my skull thinks of nothing but that damned movie. The one with the two note villain.

Now, I may have mentioned it before, but I have something close to a phobia when it comes to sharks. Though I lived in NE for much of my young life and knew that these toothsome predators were unlikely (though not impossible) in my ecological neck of the…ocean, I still never had much interest in swimming in the ocean. Frankly, even lakes with fish sometimes freak me out. I’m much more comfortable in pools, and even rivers feel a little less stressful (unless they’re coastal. Bull sharks, after all.) than the open water of the Big Blue. It is one of my goals that when I finish with school (hopefully another year or so) and after a little physical preparation, I’m going to go shark diving off Guadalupe Island and see the Great Whites up close.

Yikes, dude.

Talk about facing your fears head on.

But seriously, I’m going to do it. I believe myself a little more each time I say it, too. So the irrational fear has becomes something of a fascination. Instead of imagining the animatronic Bruce from the movie Jaws, I am just thinking “big predator with big teeth, massive appetite and dangerous curiosity.” The curiosity and big teeth being the problem for most people. If you don’t have hands, the way you feel your way through the world is with your chompers….ouch.

Sooo….. given my love of all things horror, I picked up the audiobook of Jaws by Peter Benchley and thought it appropriate for a summer “read.” What I found most interesting was how the story completely and profoundly changed from in the translation from book to movie. I’ve seen the movie plenty of times to note the differences almost immediately, but in the sake of fairness, before I start talking about them, I’m going to go re-watch the film. Look for an upcoming post about this odd couple – the book and the film, Jaws.

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