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I Get Knocked Down…

…and though I get up again, the really tough punches make that a real slow process.

I’m here. I’m alive (kind of), and though I should be used to the whole school thing, last semester was brutal. Especially the last two weeks, from about mid-April through the end of the first week of May, wherein I lost my “straight A’s since the beginning of school” status. I blew my toughest class yet in the last two weeks of the semester. Though for many this is just a FWP, to me, this was one of my badges of honor. There were other things, of course, but this was the proverbial straw. It was the final declaration that not only had Murphy implemented martial law, I was repaying some kind of karmic debt held over from an entire lifetime – in one two-week span. Suffice to say, it was less than pleasant.

Prior to the punch in the gut that the last two weeks of April became, I’d planned on using the inter-semester break writing glorious book reviews and flooding the intertubes with those wonderful words. Instead, I became something of a hermit crab. I hibernated (though it was 90 degrees out), played a disgusting amount of 2048 and Plague Inc., watched too much crappy TV (and some good), wrote when I could sit still for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep, and, well, sleeping.

Two weeks in adult time is very, very short. It doesn’t really give you time to heal from the bruises when you are unceremoniously kicked in the ass down a flight of stairs and land squarely on your head. It doesn’t make the bitter pill of frustration-unfairness any easier to swallow, and it certainly isn’t enough time to get over the desire to resign from this whole adult business. But it is enough time to haul your bruised ass off the floor and start dragging it to the next obstacle, in this case – another semester. Here’s to hoping that I’ll not accrue so many psychic scars this time.

I’d promise more blog posts coming soon, but since I don’t make promises I don’t keep, I won’t. I do have some planned, so I hope you’ll stick around. Until then, enjoy my current writing playlist….surely to be a topic of a blog post at some point.

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