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Something Like a Review – Supernatural Noir : edited by Ellen Datlow

Supernatural Noir

I will admit that I don’t have a lot of experience with “noir” stories or movies, but not because I’m not interested in them. Like many things, since they haven’t been much on my radar, I’ve never made the effort to seek them out. The most “noir” story that I’ve ever read is Falling Angel by William Hjorstberg and I enjoyed it. I’ve read some of the Sin City graphic novels. Their gritty nature, the way they handle the gruesome, grisly aspects of a dangerous world. Reading this book makes me regret what I’ve missed and make me want to seek out more of these stories.

With any anthology, there are always stories that are just not up to the taste of each reader. I expected there to be two or three that just didn’t keep my interest or that the quality just didn’t compare to the others. Surprisingly, I didn’t encounter that with this book and that impressed me more than I can say. There were a couple that took me off guard and one I did need to take a break from for a little bit, but this is a very well put together anthology. Each story strongly carried both the noir and supernatural themes and while there were repeated elements (as a result of the supernatural aspect), each story was unique and fresh. Another thing I’ve discovered is that the repetitive nature of anthologies will grate on my nerves and take me a long time to get through. Yet another paradigm changer, this was a surprisingly fast read because each story was unique enough to keep it moving, to keep me hungry for more. I think this was the ideal length for an anthology; the themes didn’t get wearisome, the stories were inventive and appealing and avoided the redundancy that can happen in some anthologies.

I highly recommend this anthology to anyone looking for something a little different, or has a love of good anthologies of short stories. I am intrigued about other Datlow anthologies I have on my list to read and am eager to get to them soon!

Medium: Dead-tree version from a long-gone brick & mortar (sad face)

Other: Multiple versions also available from Amazon.com

Overall rating: 4 stars

Potential re-read: Definitely. I read this as a part of my 2012 reading list. Not only were the stories great, there were perspectives and voices in this volume that I haven’t encountered elsewhere and really enjoyed. I’ll be coming back for more.

Dead-tree worthy?: Yes. No question.

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