It’s Been a While….

And now I have Staind in my head….

But it has been a while since I’ve made time to write a blog post. It’s not because I don’t love the blogosphere, but more a consideration of time. The last couple of weeks of classes can be hell, especially with an accelerated class that makes me just want to pull my own eyeballs out. But that class is almost done with only an outstanding final to take as soon as it’s released.

So what have I been up to?

Quite a bit, actually.

  • Classwork first, of course, which is a whole mess of stuff that takes up a lot of time. Some is positive, some is not so positive. Some makes me want to tear my hair out, some of it makes my inner bookworm happy.
  • I’ve been writing! YAY! and I’ve found lots of places where I’m going to need to do some research because it is a novel, and I’ve been doing some background story-crafting and character building. I can’t wait until school break so I can spend some quality time researching peripheral information (chronic illnesses, gruesome little cults and organizations that pertain to the story line, etc) and revamp the original piece in a different point of view. (Yeah, it’s one of those.)
  • I’m still doing yoga, and now…I start belly dancing classes tonight! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never found a convenient class.
  • I’ve been healing. A few weeks ago, I had something of a mishap on my way to the Ren Faire which resulted in a painfully broken camera lens, and a very angry hand which is very slowly regaining strength and flexibility. The typing speed was pretty critically impacted for a while, which meant work backed up as I pecked my way through writing feedback.
  • I’ve been reading and listening to lots and lots of books, which means you will be seeing lots of SLaRs and blurbs coming soon! (If you’ve seen my Goodreads shelf lately, you’ll see that I’ve got a stack of 14 books or so sitting there….I’m not currently reading them all, but there hanging out until I have time to actually write up some mini-reviews. I’ve read the ones that are starred, so if you’re interested in a sneak peak about what’s I’m going to be talking about in the near future, consider it your preview.)

My goal is to get back on track and write some extra entries to cover these crazy weeks for next semester, but it’s a trial and error process. Hang in there. I haven’t forgotten anyone, and I”m not going anywhere…

My B is in the C and the written words will soon change focus from scholarly matters, to creating a world without….

…well, I’m not giving that up yet. Soon, perhaps. But not quite yet. 🙂

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