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Still Kickin’…Now With More Flexibility!

So, after my epic adventure in biology (parts 1 and 2 can be found in earlier posts) was coming to a close, school was starting up. Timing, as they say, was perfect. In a way. Maybe a little too close for comfort, because right when I probably need to be a good doo-bee and head to bed early, I’m up staring at a monitor or book and wishing I was sound asleep.

For a while, I was quite frustrated by my limited range of movement and curtailed functionality. I’m somewhat independent (*ahem*) and I don’t like a.) relying on anyone else, b.) asking for help, or c.) not being able to do something, especially when I’ve done it before. Quite simply, this was an exercise in patience. I had to let people do things for me, and ask for help with silly things like plugging in my laptop at work (since I couldn’t bend over to reach the plug). I got really annoyed not being able to move or fully stretch in yoga class, and I think that not being able to sleep on my stomach was about to put me over the edge. These things have all finally passed, at least for the most part. I was able to hang through the majority of my yoga class, I can spend at least part of the night on my stomach, and the pissed off nerve in my thigh is only bothering me in little pinching reminders instead of a screaming, burning spasm of pain in the middle of the night. More stretching, less favoring of that side, and more sleep-mobility will make this less as time goes on.

Can I glean lessons from this? Without a doubt. Have I? Not sure. I’m not a particularly patient person, though I do a pretty good impression of it outwardly most of the time. Things like wanting to be done with school, or doing a lot more writing than I am right now (curtailed because of school but still there in drips and drabs) really get my impatience fired up. I want to be so much further, but current priorities dictate otherwise. I grit my teeth, remember that I have to keep on plugging, and keep trying to make time in unexpected places to do the things I most want to do (like audiobooks…oh they’ve been a sanity saver!).

Look for some posting soon about what I’ve been reading, doing and thinking. I’ve got a few books I need to tell you about, because you really should pick them up and read them. Or download them in whatever format you prefer. Either way, give your preferred book purveyor of choice your green/plastic/shiny coins and take these in exchange.

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