Independance Day!

I’m not really what most people would call conventional when it comes to a great many things, so when I say that I didn’t celebrate the Fourth like most people in the country, it won’t really surprise anyone. Instead of being outside at a barbeque, I set myself up for some real freedom at the end of the week. While I did sleep in (until a whopping 8:30), I started the day with homework to get the majority of the week’s work done. When my brain simply could not hold any more 19th century ethics discussions, I set it all aside, and pulled out something far more pleasurable…

But before I get there, I’ve been working on improving my discipline. So, I set a word count goal for myself, one just for fiction writing. I’d blow it out of the water if I included the school writing for papers. It’s a modest goal, but one I think I can manage after work, school, and slushing. I set the mark at 5k words a week and then went fishing for my old spreadsheet. As I was configuring it for this go-round with number crunching, I thought about how it didn’t work, and I decided I needed to find a new way of tackling it. I thought about how I wanted to set it up, as a series of deposits against an initial debt, and then the idea hit me. I pulled out an old-fashioned check register and entered my initial debt of 5k words.

I’ve also got a piece I’ve been working on as time allowed, and this WIP is a rule breaker for me. Normally, I don’t write to meet a publication. Normally, I find a publication for my writing. This time, I made an exception because the theme grabbed my attention by the throat – a post apocalyptic fairy tale with a Lovecraftian twist. Oh hells to the yeah.

Now, there’s a big ol’ chunk of it that I’m going to have to take out, and I’m going to have to edit the hell out of it, but I worked on it steadily today…and pulled down 6k. I could have kept going, but I decided sleep was more important, especially I planned to get up early and work as well. (I’m quite proud of myself and a little amazed that I managed to do just that. Before 8am, I’d tacked on another thousand words. Yay me!) My goal is to finish it this week and start editing next week. Fingers crossed, so I can make my deadline.

So working while everyone else is off means play time on Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. I’m very much looking forward to it, and woe be to anything that gets in my way…

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