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Not Gone, Just Crazy

Building good habits is only as effective as the ability to adhere to them and keep them going in spite of other obstacles. I think this is why I fall on my face because I’m too adaptable sometimes. In my Day Job, things change unexpectedly, often and usually result in a dramatic shift in the status quo. In general, learning to adapt to rapid change is a good skill to possess and is a great asset to take into a professional environment. When you’re a creative type that tends to be distracted by bright and shiny objects (like new story ideas, new information to chew on, or a strange and curious path to research), it’s not such a good thing. Getting me off track on my habit building (like getting my blog posts ready before my intended publish dates) is a bad, bad thing, but I’m determined to get back on track. School is integral in providing this kind of structure and has helped me get a handful of pages deep into a story I’m working on, so now it’s time to bring those habits to fixing my blogging habits.

Now what this means is that I’ll have all kinds of shiny things to share here, including a couple of exciting little tidbits, which some may have already seen on Facebook, or heard me gush and squeal over in person. 😉 There is also a list of books which have earned Something Like a Review forthcoming, so stay tuned! Starting on Sunday, I’ll be back on schedule with a peek at Seth Grahame-Smith’s Unholy Night.

See you then!

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