Books to Movies

I keep a stash of ideas in draft form stashed away in my WordPress dashboard. They’re usually (mostly) blank pages that have a few vague comments that hint at the genius rattling around inside my head on the topic. I probably started this one around the time I started seeing advertisements for The Lorax and hearing the early grumblings of dissatisfaction over its translation to film. Compounding this, I was listening to The Hunger Games and talking to a co-worker about the (at the time) up-coming movie. This conversation between two book nerds became a quasi-rant about the quality of movies that super-popular books inspired. Yes, inspired. It’s rare that a movie is actually a faithful interpretation of the books that inspired the imaginations of its faithful enthusiasts. when you have to look at the book and movie as two entirely different entities and judge them as separate stories, the films can only be “inspired by” the books.

So while this is stewing on the back burner, and I was trying to decide which draft to finish, along come the Insatiable Booksluts (whom I adore, just sayin’) with The Perfect Rant about just such a topic for a Reading Rage Tuesday. No amount of popcorn is going to fix this says it best, so rather than belabor the point, I’ll defer to them for this one.

Maybe the readers should unite and start our own PAC… “Readers Against Butchering Books” or something like that. Buffy for books – defending them against the Hollywood vampires that want to suck the life out of the pages. Imagine us as the literate equivalent of a roundhouse-kicking, stake-wielding badass hunting down those who want to sanitize and dumb our beloved stories down for the people who can’t or won’t exercise their imagination by going to the source. That’s some political activism I could get behind. đŸ˜‰

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