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Indulgence (or Taking the Time to Sniff the Bubble Bars)

Life is too damned short and there’s way too much to cram in the confines of 24 hours. We run around and stress ourselves out and for what? What is so important? Is it really going to matter in the long run?

Granted, there is a reason and yes, sometimes it does matter in the long run when you trace your actions using the butterfly effect theory. Each decision is a step in some direction, and even indecision is an action. Slacking at work can lead to lackluster performance which can lead to missing opportunities for promotion, but let’s be real…will you get the same promotion if you’re so stressed out that you can’t function? Not likely. They’ll take one look at your shiny, bug-eyed face with the scary lupine grin and they’ll pass faster than a state trooper on the highway.

I have come to realize that taking time to do the things that make you feel good, that allow you to recharge your batteries is not only the right thing to do, it’s a requirement. I deserve a break from my personally created hamster wheel to recharge. My current indulgence is my introduction to Lush.

We really should wait for the aficionados to return from their lavishly scented day dreams, but it could take them a while, so for those of you not familiar, we’ll continue and let them catch up.

I won’t extol the virtues of the company because being an informed consumer, you can do all that nifty research yourself and make your own decision. What I will do is tell you that I have incorporated them into my weekly routine – a long, hot scented, silky bath, usually rounded out with a book and a beverage of some sort. I love the bath bombs like Phoenix Rising, and the bubble bars like The Comforter. There’s a heady luxury in Temple of Truth and bliss in Yuzu and Cocoa. This is the kind of bath you sink into and just laze around in until you’re pruny and the water starts to feel somewhat chilled. The often brilliantly colored, scented water erases the trials of the week and the scent lingers with you long after the bath is over.

As healing and restorative as these are, there is a draw back – if you’re a stress monkey to begin with, by the time you’re out, sleep is pretty much inevitable. There have been many a Sunday “ruined” by the narcolepsy that overtook me after such a bath where comfort was simply inevitable and, when added to such deep relaxation, it meant sleep. The value of these moments is that there’s nothing in the world that can replace them. No amount of task completion, or progress is going to be this fulfilling, and without these moments, I’m less likely to achieve task completion or progression any way. Everyone needs to find that moment of indulgence in their week, no matter what it is. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries. Our batteries are permanent – while you can recharge them, you really can’t replace them. Take care of them so they can take you through the rest of your beloved chaos.

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