Eyes Wide Open

Going through the day with your eyes open is harder than it sounds. It means looking at the things that people take for granted and mulling it over to draw out the unique, the what-if, the dark side of it all. It’s how you take a perfectly mundane object and use it to give people chills or bring tears to their eyes. It’s about putting that little extra into the ordinary and taking their breath away.

While this awareness comes somewhat naturally, it still takes conscious effort to keep it a primary focus. Life is busy for everyone, and it’s no different for the writers who still have a day job to pay the bills to keep the computer on, the internet humming and the coffee flowing. Yet we learn to find that awareness in washing dishes and emptying the detritus of the day from our pockets when we do laundry and steal moments to scribble down the great ones to play with later. Ideas can come from anywhere, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss a good one. Learning to tell the good ones from the mediocre ones is another challenge, but you can’t tell until you get something on paper…

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