Missing Writing

Let me clarify. I write. Quite a bit, actually, but none of it has been fiction for the past few weeks. Papers and posting and work stuff have been the primary focus of my written output. As you may have noticed by the chorus of crickets here, I haven’t even taken the time to blog very much.

I miss writing terribly, like spending time with an old friend. Who occasionally pisses me off.

I have gotten words down in drips and drabs. While I was traveling last week, after I posted to my class discussion boards, I did manage to get some scribbling done, and I even got about halfway through an edit on a story while I was killing time between visiting family and working/sleeping/doing homework in the hotel room. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to accomplish, but I got enough done to make me feel like I accomplished *something.* Better than nothing, I suppose. I’m revising my goal of when I’m getting that done and out into the shark tank (by my birthday), and I feel confident that with three days off and one class done, I’ll be able to hack it. What irks me most about being this busy right now is that I won’t be able to participate in NaNo this year, which is a total bummer. I do have a number of ideas that would develop into a series of shorts to KILL the 50k goal. I’ll also miss blasting the “Facetubes” with the word count of the day. That was always good fun. I will get through it and I’m looking forward to having the “free” time to dive into writing again. My appreciation for time has definitely increased and those little moments where I can get some unexpected scribbling done are moments I cherish.

Enough of this for now. It’s time to get the big rocks into the jar so I can start working on the pebbles and eventually get to the sand and water.

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