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Midterms, Papers and Chili Cook-offs, Oh MY!

This has been quite the hectic week! Midterms for one class are tonight and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am terrified of pulling up that test and starting it because I don’t feel like I’ve absorbed/learned enough from the class. I have a critical analysis paper of a scientific journal in the same class as the midterm and it is entirely overwhelming because I’ve never written this kind of paper before. The lit paper was a breeze and I’m ready to submit it tonight.

All that, and it doesn’t include my regular homework, or the work I’m trying to front-load for October so I can take a trip to the frigid north in the middle of the month.

That’s not to say that there aren’t fun points. Last night, after class, I made up a crockpot of my almost-famous 15-can chili and even though I didn’t win, I got some damned good compliments.

Writing. Hmm. Other than the academic writing, there’s been a cumulative ~2k over the past month, which is a little depressing, but when judged against everything else I’ve done over the past four and a half weeks, I’m not overly concerned. Getting any done is a minor victory.

Even though I can’t focus on them, I’ve been fortunate enough to have ideas clamoring for my attention. I have a short piece in the works (the very SLOW works, but in the works nonetheless), and I’m in the wool-gathering stages of another one I think will be pretty epic. I have a source for some first-hand observations and information that would be nearly impossible to glean from anywhere else. I’m definitely grateful for his help because something tells me this story is going to be big.

The goal for this month is to get two shorts edited and drop-kicked into the shark tank. It’s time to feed ’em some fresh meat while they gnaw the others to the bone.

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