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Needle, Meet Groove

For those of you too young to remember record players, you won’t get the reference. The music lovers and those of us who learned to read using the read-along record and book combination, I’m betting the first thing you hear in your head is the magical, mysterious chime that meant it was time to turn the page.

I grew up with these things, and I think my love of reading grew from them. They allowed me to be independent. I didn’t have to wait for a grown up to read to me, and my Fisher Price record player was all mine, and I could operate it just fine without help. I was able to lose myself in a story, and the patient narrator taught me the words on the page.





My favorites were, of course, the Star Wars series with pictures from the movies, and even the “spin off” stories like “Droid World” captivated me, especially the nascent terror I felt when I thought R2-D2 and C3PO were going to be melted down! (Gasp!)

I guess what’s bringing all this to mind recently is The Grand Adventure I mentioned last week (though it certainly seems like it was a month or go when I last posted). Work has slowed some, but it’s about that time to ramp into the fall and then Christmas. Vacation, while it seems so terribly far away, is closer than it appears. Now throw into the mix homework, papers and midterms (oh my). I haven’t got it down yet, but it’s starting to fall into a groove and the week is starting to take on a kind of rhythm. I have an idea of where the volume is going to be, and where I need to really buckle down and get my list accomplished to ensure that the following month doesn’t suffer for a lack of motivation. I’m hoping that this means the posting will be somewhat regular, and that I maaaaaaybe will squeeze in a little writing and editing time in there as well.


But then again, that may just be me wanting it ALL, right NOW, damnit.

One step at a time. Let’s get the melody down, then we’ll work in the harmony.

For now, back to the (text)books!

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