The Alchemy of Creating Time

The number one complaint I hear from every adult I know is “there’s not enough hours in the day,” or “just not enough time” to do the things they really want to do, to balance their lives against their passions and interests. I’m no different. Work is creating massive conflicts with my big, beefy chunks of writing time that I like to carve out of my nights, and…well, let’s face it, adult obligations are a great pain in the ass. But, given all that I have coming up in the roster over the next couple of weeks, I’ve decided that the excuse of not having enough time isn’t going to fly any more.

(Now, to all of you who may hold that last statement against me in a moment of weak-willed whining, remember that I am human and it’s gonna happen. Like I tell the agents at work, “I’m not looking for miracles, but just looking for progress.”)

There are ways of making time throughout the day, and I’m very pleased with some of the changes I’ve implemented to create this extra time. I’ve already talked about, which is awesome, by the way, but I’ve made another little discovery that helps squeeze in a little more reading during the day. is a great website that feeds you short snippets of books in an email or through an RSS feed reader. The sections take about 15 minutes to read (I get a double-size shot) and are delivered at a time of your choosing. It’s a great 15 minute break in the middle of my day and it’s giving me the freedom to add in just a little more reading into an already tight schedule. I highly recommend this service and have already shared it with several people I work with – high accolades from me.

To get a little writing in is harder, but not impossible. I try to dedicate my lunch breaks to scribbling time, even if it means being somewhat anti-social. I keep most of my active writing on, which also has an app for my Blackberry and my iPad, so I can work on my documents from anywhere, even if I can’t sign on to a computer. Having my documents accessible to me at any moment is a great way to break the “oh, but I’d have to sign in to my computer which is all the way over there,” excuse. I also keep a little moleskine notebook in my purse which is great for capturing the random ideas that pop up in equally random places. It certainly came in handy several times this weekend while spending the weekend in Blowing Rock. Even though I can use my phone to tap out and save little notes, sometimes, it’s just faster to write it out by hand instead of fat-fingering my way through a note or email to myself. And sometimes, well…sometimes just writing by hand has it all over using a cold, digital interface.

It’s not going to create hours in my day, but even fifteen minutes is fifteen minutes more than yesterday, and I’ll take it. Now…if I could only figure out a way to compress editing time into the day. 🙂 THAT would be a miracle!

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