A Celebration of Words

I’ve seen so many mentions of National Book Week that I really am not sure when it’s actually celebrated. There’s lots of conflicting dates, compartmentalization of genre, style and audience like National Children’s Book Week and other, less notable permutations.

But why wait for an “official” day of recognition? Why not just say, “I love words and I choose to celebrate it by grabbing the nearest book, turning to page 56 and copying the fifth sentence on the page!”

…or something like that. It’s a celebration. Get crazy. We do things to celebrate more widely-recognized, “official” holidays (like dipping hardboiled eggs in food coloring, or hiding little plastic ones filled with goodies that were delivered by a bunny. Really. I mean, think about it. Other than symbols of spring and fertility, it’s a pretty random celebration. Why would a RABBIT bring eggs? No wonder the Cadbury bunny is so confused. I don’t really blame him. But I digress…) so why not this to celebrate words.

Let the celebration begin!


“Oh, but don’t go away,” they cried. “Do let us see them just once.”

‘The New Mother’ by Lucy Clifford

from The Dark Descent, edited by David G. Hartwell

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