A Case of the Mondays

I have a confirmed case of the Mondays. I have more work than I know what to do with, and on a day riddled with technical difficulties which prevent me from accomplishing…well…anything, when I have a desire to work, I am unable to do any of it. Instead, I’m running around trying to help beleaguered, frustrated FIRST WEEK call center agents muddle through and help their angry callers who have been on hold for WAY too long.

Now, in the moments where I’m not trying to figure out who had the first pained expression of confusion, or the first hand in the air and I am actually able to put my butt in my chair, if the stars align just right so that my access to critical programs is actually stable, I find I have no desire to do any of the things I’m supposed to do. Part of this is related to the fact that I worked both Saturday and Sunday. Part of this is related to the fact that I’ve put in so many hours over the past week that my only real “free” time has been spent sleeping or tending to adult responsibilities. I’m a little twitchy from the desire to write and to finish editing the piece I’m working on now, and the sound of my internal nag reminding me that I have a story that needs to be sent to the next publisher in the rounds of the rejection-gathering mission. Urgh. Can I have a few more hours in my day, pretty please? I promise not to spend them at my (office) desk or working (on Day Job stuff).

That in mind, it’s time to create a little time in my week to devote to my craft. I think I’ve earned the last hour of the day to pursue my own interests. The first part of it was spent on this blog post. The remainder is for editing. Tonight, my computer will be staying at work and my digital addiction will be employed to getting more words on record. I’ve got something to say and I gotta get it out…

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