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Gonna Be Better Next Year

This time of year, I think everyone makes a vow to be better at this whole tax preparation nonsense next year. It’s probably the second most acceptable lie that people tell themselves, the first being that they’re going to stick to this year’s New Year’s resolutions and actually see them through to their conclusion. Call me defeatist, or jaded or whatever, but I don’t make resolutions for that very reason. I do, however, grumble at myself about the whole tax crap every year, especially when I have just a few hours before my appointment and I’m running around the house like a maniac trying to find W-2’s, medical receipts, or just trying to locate that mystical, magical “safe place” I put all of it the last time I stumbled across it.

Half my problem is my ridiculous collection of interests. Let’s just say this…in the decade or so I ignored my real passion (writing), I tried to fill the void it left. My valiant efforts to find the One True Thing that I could really delve into with a deep, abiding passion are probably best demonstrated by the clutter that fills my house. I love Magic:The Gathering about as much as I hate it; I love it because it’s an endlessly changing game that just fascinates me when it goes well, and utterly depresses me when I do poorly. That and, as any cardboard-crack-addict will tell you, Magic cards are like a fungus that will invade and take over your home. Drafting is the enemy, as is not being willing to shell out whatever wad of cash someone is asking for that one chase rare from every set. If you refuse to purchase it outright, you open pack after pack, realizing that no matter how many of the remaining cards you give away, trade or just throw out, you’re still buried eyeball deep in cards you can’t or don’t want to use. Yet ask me if I’m going to sell my collection.

Hell no.

I might change my mind in a couple of years and I’ll never forgive myself for getting rid of my full-art foil Day of Judgment.

Then there’s the jewelry making, the other miscellaneous crafty things, and then the role-playing games…you know…the things that “almost” took the place of writing, but probably only sparked my interest in returning to it.

With all this crap around me, it’s hard to focus. I feel guilty ignoring the other hobbies, or just letting them sit there and gather dust, but the reality is, all I want to do is write or read (that’s an entirely different collection that will eventually need it’s own house, never mind a corner or a room….). Too many conflicting interest and you feel like a neurotic squirrel running around your house.

So, with school looming on the fall horizon, I’m quitting Magic. For now. At least this upcoming set. And maybe the upcoming block. At least until school is done. I have to focus to get my degree completed, then whatever remaining time I have is earmarked for writing. I’m already busy and if I don’t cut something out, either school or writing will suffer, and I refuse to let that happen. Maybe next year, I’ll have my taxes done in February or March, and I won’t have a stack of hundreds of Magic cards waiting for me to alphabetize and file.

And maybe my hair will be pink, maybe I’ll be a hundred and twenty pounds lighter and have my feet propped up on my balcony railing as I watch a storm coming at me from somewhere in the middle of the ocean.


Anything’s possible, after all.

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  1. April 9, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    My husband sold all his Magic cards. It wasn’t worth the investment. Unless you’re die hard, trying and sell them. Think of how many red (because pink is hard to find in bulk) pens you could buy!

  2. April 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    It’s not about the investment. I enjoy the game, and if I were to sell off everything, I’d pay twice as much getting back the cards I wanted. I know I’ll be back to it, and I’m not going to kick myself for going for the cash-grab now. Besides, if it comes down to it, I’ve got pretty good MTG geek connections to unload it all. I could even whore out the collection until I decide to pick it back up again. I haven’t decided yet, and there’s no real need to. For now, I’ll (eventually) get it all organized and put away to my apathetic OCD standards and then go from there. Besides, there’s always EDH or legacy.

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