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The madness continues….


Things are finally slowing down enough for me to be able to sit down and give everyone an update.

I am (finally) (mostly) over my pneumonia. I am back from the second business trip this month, this time to Las Vegas. This one wasn’t entirely work, but work enough to justify a few extra days living it up in Sin City.

I have been very good about getting ideas down and reading like a fiend, but I can’t profess I’ve taken as much time to transcribe other scribblings as I should. I am in the process of critiquing two pieces for an extremely patient friend, and finishing a draft of another story to send out to beta readers. I even poked the editor of the last submission I made to see when I’ll be getting my rejection. (By the end of the week, for those who are interested.)

Work is busy enough that what little “free” time I have is being spent clocking extra hours to get as much done on a travel-truncated schedule as possible. Believe me when I say this is lame to the utmost extreme and I somewhat resent the fact that it is sucking up my other professional life. Another (self-imposed) obstacle is taking on a second yoga class during the week. While it is something of a time-suck, it has merit enough in my health and sanity that I will continue to do as long as I can. I will make time elsewhere to make up for it. Like right now…writing in the gaming store between rounds.

Stolen moments are the most important moments writing.

So tonight, it’s back to work. I want to make the final edits to “Shift” and send it out. I also want to get at least one of the crits done. I guess I’ll have to head home soon to make that happen.

I just want another half-dozen hours in the day. Or a “Time Stop.” Or a clone. Not doing it all is just not acceptable. 🙂

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