NaNoWriMo, Day 2

NaNo day two was both productive yet not as productive as I would have preferred. I did accomplish the goal I set out the other day; the draft of The Unbidden is in the hands of my crit group. One of the emails included a long letter of explanation and clarification. My somewhat reclusive nature and lack of eloquence in emotional matters sometimes conspire to give me a taste of my foot, and I wanted to ensure that my comments were not taken in a manner other than I intended.

I did not add to my word count yesterday, but this doesn’t really disturb me as it has in the past. While I am using NaNo as an excuse to really push myself to a higher daily average word count, I am not working on a novel. I have one short(ish) story I am working on, and once I bring that to an end, I am going to finish the cafe series short stories I started sometime last year. Those stories, when compiled into one collection, do form a longer work.

So, in short, yesterday was neither a banner nor ideal day, yet I’m satisfied with what I got done.

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