Status Update

Friday, I said I would:

1.) Read through the story in one sitting with no writing implement available Done
2.) Complete an edit by Monday morning It was Monday afternoon, but I call that close enough.
3.) Send the story out for feedback on Tuesday – Pending. I have to finish transcribing my changes into the digital version, but I should complete that tonight and meet my goal. UPDATE 11/3: Done! And on time 😉
4.) Send the story to market by November 16 – Pending.

I’ve expanded my crit/feedback group by one, and possibly two, in a relatively unexpected way…but allow me to rewind.

All in all, it was a good weekend for creativity and the “real” job. Friday night, I read all the way through the draft in one sitting without a writing implement in hand. At a staggering 87 pages, it took almost two hours and a tall salted caramel hot chocolate (skim milk, no whip). I was somewhat twitchy over not being able to jot notes on the text as I went, but that may have been related to the sugar in my drink. I soldiered through and checked it off my list.

Saturday morning, I was up early (8am…and for a Saturday, that’s nearly miraculous), and sat down to edit of “The Unbidden,” henceforth known as The Beast, while I waited for the SO to return from the gym. After a trip all over Charlotte doing various and sundry errands, I returned to sit down at my desk again for a couple more hours of wrangling with The Beast.

Sunday morning, up early again (8am again. I was a little concerned that I might hurt myself doing this two days in a row, but we all suffer for our art….) and at my desk with The Beast and a massive cup of coffee. After an hour and a half, the yawns got the better of me, and I rebooted my day with a brief game of Godfinger (during which, I fell asleep for another hour), and then got up and dressed to help load the recycling loaded into the car for my SO to take out, take some clothes to Goodwill, stop at the used bookstore to exchange “old” books for “new to me” books, pick up a very late lunch that became dinner. After catching up on my Thursday night TV (thank you, DVR), it was time to buckle down and finish the freakin’ edit. I vowed not to get up from my seat until I was done, and even when my tired brain squealed for a break, I stayed put in my chair and messed around with my Sims for a bit and took a spin through Facebook before getting back to work. That’s when I had my brilliant idea.

Looking over the status updates, and pondering who else I knew who might be open to giving me eviscerating, realistic feedback, I realized I’ve had the resources all along and never thought to ask….

Two of my high school English teachers are on my Facebook page. These people, I realized, are the ones I had looked up to for so long, who had taught me how to really appreciate writing that wasn’t “crap” as one of them so delicately put it, and were the first to really make me consider teaching as a profession I could enjoy. I decided to think about it overnight instead of dropping an impetuous note, but even when I stood bleary-eyed under hot shower spray, it still seemed like a good idea. I sent my note late this morning and was very happy to see that one had readily accepted the challenge of tackling The Beast! 🙂 The other is still in class, and I hope to hear from her by my arbitrary deadline of Tuesday.

Oh, I’ll admit that I quit editing about 14 pages from the end, but bedtime had arrived and was tapping its foot impatiently. I dragged my sleepy butt to bed, sat up long enough to thump out ~100 words to kick off NaNo, and then passed out with the iPad on my lap. It’s a good thing I was so tired that I never moved all night; around 3am when I woke up, it was still sitting there.

So I finished the edit today at lunch so I can meet my goal of getting this in four sets of hands Tuesday, which means I will be transcribing all my edits tonight . After I hit/surpass my NaNo goal for the day, but that is a subject all its own and one I will have to tackle later.

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