Reality Check

So today pretty much sucked. Before the hours struck double digit numbers, I managed to get in a spat, argue with/get an ass-kicking from a writing buddy (after some comments that, in retrospect, I realize were pretty melodramatic), and have a meltdown prompted by a crisis of self-confidence. Then later, after a day of dealing with lots of unjustified complaints and the ludicrous extremes of human behavior, weathered a sudden cloud burst of lover’s jealousy.

It was an exhausting day.

Now that I’ve had a chance to get a little perspective and resolved many of the things that went wrong, I have decided that it’s time to establish some new goals. Doing this publicly has worked for me in the past by keeping me accountable. It is what got my first story out into the world, so it’s fitting that it should help be the impetus to kicking the second one out there.

The only story that’s close enough to move quickly and before I can send it out to anyone, I have to run through it again. I have already gone through it twice and scrapped the “edited” version because it felt “broken.” However, I’ve scrapped the “edits” and have printed a new copy. This weekend, I will go though this and get it ready to send out for feedback.

1.) Read through the story in one sitting with no writing implement available
2.) Complete an edit by Monday morning
3.) Send the story out for feedback on Tuesday
4.) Send the story to market by November 16

Do-able. I hope. It better be.

  1. October 31, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    *impatiently waits*

    “Glad” to see I wasn’t the only one life threw a pile of poo in this week.

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